Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry thought more like an artist and sculptor than an architect.  He experimented with curvilinear forms rather than simple, straight lines.  His buildings are conceptual, intriguing, and out-of-the-box, both inside and out.  The composition of Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall is said to be “collage-like”.  The exterior looks like separate shapes molded together to form one structure.  It’s abstract form of waves and curvilinear lines is eye-catching from every angle.  Though somewhat random, there is a smooth and fluent pattern in how the entire building is designed.  However, the interior of the Disney Concert Hall is very different.  The lobby is choppy and angular instead of smooth, with straight staircases and escalators and bulky “tree-like” columns.  The auditorium differs from both the exterior and lobby in that the space is completely symmetrical.  The one similarity to the exterior is the curvilinear lines.  The acoustical ceiling sweeps in a symmetrical pattern from one side to the other, while the seating sections wraps all the way around the room.

I am very intrigued by Frank Gehry’s work.  I love the way he depicts architecture as art and makes his structures innovative and truly unique.  His work is very inspiring.

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